Flexing that Filofax

So a few years ago the Filofax Flex came out. TKMaxx had them in towards Christmas. Three sizes were available, A5 being the biggest, then one about standard Filofax size, and one smaller still.



I’ve got the smallest one in the car for noting fuel costs and anything else I need to write down (so just fuel costs then), the other two are unused. Like the Midori, I’m not really in tune with covers that you then put a notebook in. I understand that it’s good way of keeping multiple notebooks together, so I guess I’ve just not really got the need.


But £1.49 in TKMaxx for a thick A5 plain refill? I’ll take it. It doesn’t even have to go into the Flex, it’s a notebook all on its own. And that’s the thing about the A5 flex, you can use *any* A5 thin cover notebook in it.

Any maybe one day, I’ll have an actual use for them.


Sellotape Commemorative Tin

This apparently is a Co-op exclusive. I spotted one before Christmas, and they were £3.50. Tempting, but a tad expensive for a roll of sticky tape in a tin.


Fast forward to January, and they had a pile of them for 88 of your earth pence. Thank you shop keep, I shall take one.



I’ve no idea why, for the sheer novelty value I guess. Perhaps in years to come it’ll be worth ten times as much! Imagine that!

GIANT Moleskine Drawing pad \(^-^)/

Bottom shelf, at the back. That looks like, but probably isn’t.. it is! A giant Moleskine!


A3 in size, it is just a giant, plain paged Moleskine. An ideal Christmas present for the budding artist! Or you could pretend it’s a normal size book and that you’ve shrunk.

I’m not opening it, ‘cos it’s a definite present, and one I will give, not one I’ll keep. Also, it’s too big to hide in my cupboard.


At just 15ukp, which is a tenner less than Amazon, I nearly bought the other one they had too, but I don’t like to be greedy, always leave some treats for other hunters I say.

Force Awakens Moleskine Books

It’s been a while, so how are you? Good, good, let’s crack on then!

So I realised I had a problem, and the pile of notebooks in the cupboard was only growing, so I stopped looking and therefore stopped buying. Some of my notebooks have been pilfered by small hands, others I’ve given as gifts. But still, my resolve remains strong. Until…

Today, I went into good old TKMaxx, which given it’s now the run up to Christmas, may have been a mistake. Honestly, I went in looking for an iPad case and trainers.

I’ll build suspense by not revealing what I bought in this post, I’ll reveal it over the next four posts. All I’ll say is ‘Filofax’ and ‘Moleskine’.

For this post, we must travel back in time, to early this year. I was in Leeds, travelling light, but visited the TKMaxx there anyway.


So I found these Force Awakens edition Moleskine books, what you and I would call standard size. Not the cheapest at £9.99 each, but resist, I could not.


They are probably really nice inside, but they are still shrink-wrapped. The blurb on the back states a ‘custom interior’ with ‘limited edition stickers’ and has. Mini preview, so I’ll have to pop one open soon I think.

I was going to give one as a gift, but decided not to, not just yet.

Sainsbury’s Mini Haul

Sainsbury’s often have a few bits of stationary on sale. They seem to bring a new range of notebooks out every few months, and then sell the old ones off cheap, even though they’re the same as the new ones just a different design or colour.


So I picked up a three pack of A5 sized cardboardy covered thin notebooks for a pittance.The spine has contrasting coloured stitching to hold the pages in. Decent paper inside, not too thick so ideal for general notetaking etc.


I also picked up a couple of mechanical pencils. Not something I use really but they were super cheap. Not being able to decide between the 0.7 or 0.5, I decided to get both.

So, as always, it’s worth keeping ’em peeled in such places!

Sticky Keys

The Imperial Good Companion Model T

Keys Stuck Up – The Problem

I’d not used the typewriter for a while. I wanted to type an address label. But some of the keys on the left side wouldn’t press when I tapped them. I had to give them a good thump with my finger. Once freed they moved OK, but when left for a short while to problem returned.

So I did the usual, oiled everything. It didn’t help so I left it alone to see if the oil would seep in. It didn’t. So I summised the typewriter was gunked up, so I got some meths and cleaned around the sticky hammers. This seemed to work initially, but then it became apparent it hadn’t really.

Keys stuck Up – The Resolution

Then I realised the problem. It was where the hammers rested. The strip of foam wrapped in a black cloth tape had become sticky. So the hammers were stuck down which explained why they freed off with use, but stuck again when left.

Luckily the strip is designed to be easily removed, it just sits in a curved channel so it lifted out. I removed the tape and re-covered it with some tape I already had. The camouflage tape matches the green of the typewriter nicely I think, although you never really notice it.

So it’s now fixed and back to full working order!

Filofax diary insert vs WHSmith

Happy New Year! (Yeh, whatever!)

So this year I saved a whole pound (that’s the currency, not the weight) by buying WHSmith’s own Filofax personal week on two pages diary refill. The official Filofax insert is £9.20 in WHSmith and their own is £7, cleverly undercutting them there. But in Tesco, the official diary inserts are £8, so there’s not much in it, and no doubt you can get them cheaper elsewhere in store, and of course they’re cheaper online too if you can get free postage.


So what’s the difference? The only real difference is the one you can see above. Left is the Filofax insert, right is the WHSmith one. The Filofax pages have larger weekdays and then less space for the weekend, which makes sense if you use the diary mainly for work and don’t work much at weekends. In the WHSmith diary all the days have the same amount of space given to them, and there’s also an extra space after Sunday which you could use for other notes or general reminders.

I use my Filofax for noting down personal stuff like reminders, holidays and I also use it as a mini journal, just noting down anything I’ve done that day, so the extra space at weekends is most welcome, so I think I’ll stick the the WHSmith diary inserts from now on as they suit my needs better.